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Why a Waterbed
Waterbeds Great Britain

If you already own or have slept on a waterbed you are aware of their attributes but maybe will still be astonished at just how well they compare with any other sleep surface.              For potential new customers here is the information that will confirm what a good choice you can make.

The Best Sleep in the World

A waterbed is the only bed you can adjust for support and temperature at any time, at whatever stage of your life or health, it will always be more comfortable, therefore more relaxing and restful.
No more stiff joints or pins and needles due to pressure points, also results in much less tossing and turning, for a deeper more sound and longer sleep.
Beneficial to aching backs and bodies or limbs, bed sores and circulation, because the mattress forms to your shape it supports all the body equally whatever your weight or shape.
The bed is always warm and equal to body temperature.
There are no hollows, lumps, worn, broken or squeaking springs.
Warm in winter, cool in summer and always cosy.
You need no heavy blankets, quilts or special bedding or electric under or over blankets.
Healthier, bed mites etc. cannot penetrate P.V.C. to live in the mattress.
Beneficial in the relief of asthma and allergies.
Less housekeeping.  They are quick and easy to make and never need turning, and the mattress never needs emptying.
Safe-a thick, tough P.V.C. safety liner, solid construction, vulcanised rubber heating pad.
The average person spends 24 years in bed during their lifetime. 
Only the waterbed can last so long, still being as comfortable as and giving all the above benefits as the day it was bought.


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